Comments for sawtooth.lif

Orthogonal sawtooth with expansion factor 6
Population is unbounded but does not tend to infinity.  Its graph is
a sawtooth function with ever-increasing teeth.  More specifically,
the population in generations  t  near  28*6^n  is about  t/5  if
t  is odd and about  3t/20  if  t  is even, but the population in
generation  14*6^n - 84  (n>=2)  is only 562.  (Even more
specifically, the population in generation  t = 28*6^n + 12  (n>=1),
is 3t/20 + 555  and it drops to  t/5 + 599  in the next generation.)

This uses a spark from a period 4, speed c/4 orthogonal spaceship,
found by Tim Coe, to turn one LWSS into a loaf, which is then pulled
back by subsequent pairs of LWSSs. When the loaf is pulled all the
way back, it gets deleted and the cycle begins again.

Dean Hickerson,  8/14/92
Tim Coe,  8/11/95

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