Some alternative 2-state cellular automata

While the focus of this web page is on Conway's Life, there are many interesting cellular automata known, including several that are 2-state with a totalistic Moore-neighborhood rule like Life. David Bell has explored two of these and has made his writings available on the web. These are zip-compressed ASCII text. David Eppstein has been exploring other CA rules that support gliders.

While visiting Nick Gotts in Aberystwyth, Wales last Autumn, I spent some time looking at a hexagonal rule that exhibits some of the interesting properties of Life. Unlike the above, the rule is not totalistic, but it is a symmetric 2-state rule. I posted my results to comp.theory.cell-automata, and have also made the write-up available on the web:

David Bagley added this rule to his X screen lock program xlockmore. Run as "xlock -mode life -callahan".
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