Dvips 5.83 Alpha Announcement

This is the dvips 5.83a alpha. It contains numerous very important bug fixes, but no additional functionality. Send comments to rokicki@cs.stanford.edu.

The comments I am looking for have to do with current functionality and bugs. I am not [currently] interested in adding new functionality or improving the documentation; that will be a later release.


This is available in two versions.

The smaller dvips583.tar.gz contains the non-k version for most non-Unix platforms. This is not expected to be a drop-in, autoconfiguring solution (at least not at this point) but rather a starting point for other boxes such as the Macintosh.

The larger dvipsk583a.tar.gz contains the auto-configuring dvipsk version that was written by Karl Berry and friends. This is pretty much a drop-in replacement for the standard Unix ports of TeX, and it should be easily configurable for other Unix-like machines.


This is a short list of the major changes made.