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Here are some patterns, mostly ones that I built, in RLE format:

Stamp Collection (Collection of 650 oscillators known by 1995)
New billiard tables (Billiard tables found from 1997 to 1998)
New billiard tables (2008) (Billiard tables found in 2008)
New billiard tables (2009) (Billiard tables found in 2009)
Signal injectors (Collection of 2c/3 and 5c/9 diagonal signal injectors)
Crystal and decay oscillators
Back and forth fuse (p1200 oscillator with a pi heptomino moving through a line of blinkers)
Glider guns
Period 30N guns (Based on 2 p30 streams colliding)
Wobble gun & pseudo kickback (Gliders modify p30 guns)
Period 44 and 50 guns
Period 132 gun
Cyclotron (Period 874 gun based on 3-glider collision)
3 Herschel-based guns (Gliders create Herschels, which emit gliders)
Period 8 puffers
Period 20 puffers
Period 24 puffers
Period 36 puffers
Corderman spaceships and puffers
Sawtooth patterns
A sawtooth pattern is one in which the population is unbounded but does not tend to infinity: At certain times it returns to some fixed value. Most sawtooths are "exponential": There's some number F, called the "expansion factor", and two numbers A and B such that, in generations around t = A*F^n, the population is small, while in generations around t = B*F^n, the population is proportional to t.

Tractor beam sawtooth patterns (Diagonal with e.f. 6 and orthogonal with e.f.s 6, 11, and 21)
Sawtooths based on bouncing spaceships (Diagonal with e.f. 4 and orthogonal with e.f. 25)
Sawtooth with external timing (e.f. = 2; by David Bell)
Parabolic sawtooth (This one is not exponential.)
Hacksaw (Sawtooth with e.f. 9 based on p8 blinker puffer)
Two p60 breeders
Unusual Corderman-based breeder
Pufferless breeder
Unusual growth rates
Three patterns with (apparently) irrational linear growth
Life computes pi (Population is ~ (pi-2)/720 t^2)
Sqrt gun 10.1 (Population is ~ C sqrt(t))
Sqrt gun 3.0 (Population is ~ C sqrt(t))
t^1.5 (Population is ~ C t^(3/2))
Caber tosser (Population is ~ C log(t))
log(t)^2 (Population is ~ C log(t)^2)
t log(t) (Population is ~ C t log(t))
t log(t) by stifled breeder (Population is ~ C t log(t))
t log(t)^2 (Population is ~ C t log(t)^2)
Irrational density pattern (Population is ~ C t^2, with C = (3-sqrt(5))/4320)
t^(1/3) pattern (Population is ~ C t^(1/3), with C =  (75/16)^(1/3)
Glider syntheses
2, 3, and 4-glider syntheses
Still-life syntheses by David Buckingham
Still-life syntheses by Dean Hickerson
Billiard table syntheses by David Buckingham
Ruler pattern: produces the sequence: 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 4 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 5 ...
Jagged lines: jagged lines of gliders crash to form a jagged line of block pairs
4 breeders produce cloud-like regions made of gliders
Collection of glider eaters
Reburners (Output of puffers is reburned at a slower speed)
Exponential and linear aperiodic patterns
Block pusher 5 (Bounded population, aperiodic pattern. Closely related to sqrtgun 10.1)
Primer 4 patterns which compute prime numbers, 1 by me and 3 faster ones by Jason Summers
Pi heptomino conduit Pi heptominoes move at 3c/10 between pentadecathlons
p30 stream crossing
p30 PRNG (Pseudo-random glider generator)
Spiral decay pattern
Downstream crystal
Patterns formed from the digits of numbers
Alan Hensel's decimal counter
Other rules
Slow alien spaceships (and a breeder)
Spiral and polygonal growth in B34568/S15678