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To get the latest version of dvips, simply get the latest version of teTeX or some other TeX distribution that includes dvips.  For a list of distributions, start at TUG. I no longer support installation of dvips independent of full installation of a TeX distribution.

If you are visiting this site because you have a file that starts with %!PS and you don't know how to print it, I recommend you download Peter Deutsch's excellent GhostScript; it will make you exceedingly happy.

More on dvips is available here.


AmigaTeX is no longer available.

A Java Maze Toy

If your browser supports Java, this maze is an example of a cool, trivial Java applet.

Contact Information

My email address is no longer Spam has pretty much made it unusable. You should be able to find my real email address easily enough.

My doctoral thesis on timed circuits might be interesting to some; the code itself (called Orbits) is no longer available.

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